Caroline is a keen believer in personalised care and tailors the management to the individual needs and wishes of her patients. Caroline also offers consultations in both English and German.

The Obstetrician and Gynaecological at Melbourne’s Women’s Health Clinic, Dr Caroline Hoggenmueller has a special interest in providing up-to date care that is consistent with the latest research developments; ensuring her services are among one of Australia best obstetrical surgical practices. She always keeps her services current with consistent research, ensuring that she can provide excellent care for all of those who need it most – from expectant mothers through post-menopausal women or pregnant women experiencing complications related to their condition; whatever your problem maybe you’ll find her ready and able to help get things right again as soon as possible.


As a leading maternity services provider, Caroline’s years of experience ensure that she can provide holistic care for mothers-to-be. She takes an individualized approach to each patient so they feel comfortable throughout their pregnancy journey!

From her experience as a specialist Obstetrician, Caroline knows what it takes to provide holistic care for women from their first antenatal visit through birth. She tailors each woman’s treatment plan with personalized attention that ensures they feel comfortable every step of the way!


Dr Caroline is an experienced FRANZCOG Gynaecologist providing a broad range of GYNAE services. Caroline is committed to providing the best possible care for her patients, which often includes specific advice about women’s health issues at midlife and menopause. She has extensive knowledge of how different age groups can differ from each other both physically as well mentally so she can provide tailored treatment plans that will work in your individual situation!
Menopausal or just feeling aged? Book now with this expert who understands what you need.