Exceptional quality healthcare

Without seeing a private obgyn, you’ll likely:

Wait 3-6 months to see a specialist.
Need to see a different obstetrician-gynaecologist every time you visit a hospital.
Be restricted to receiving specialist care only during business hours and a doctor’s overflowing timetable.
And probably struggle to find a female gynaecologist near you.
What any woman needs when they’re going through pregnancy or a stressful gynaecological issue is:

An experienced professional is available on call, to answer any questions they may have or issues they’re facing (our bodies don’t stop operating at 5.00 pm – and the most abnormal things can sometimes happen when you least expect it).
A caring professional who can book them in for an appointment as soon as possible (and not in a few months’ time – when the issue could possibly worsen!).
A doctor who isn’t just professionally experienced – but a mother who personally knows what going through all the different stages of reproduction and pregnancy are actually like.
24/7 Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Melbourne
Introducing Dr Caroline: The Only Specialist You Need

Dr Caroline is a highly trained obstetrician and gynaecologist in Melbourne, having delivered over 2,000 babies in her working life and has seen countless gynae problems making her an excellent provider of patient care.

She’ll be able to:

  • Book you into an appointment within the week (avoiding those excruciating 3-6 months wait you’ll experience in the public system).
  • Speak to you at any time – whether that’s during business hours, at 2.00 am on a Saturday or lunchtime on a Sunday for expectant mothers.
  • Be your dedicated obgyn – with no need for you to see a different person every time you walk through the door.
  • Deliver a personalised, caring service – as a highly experienced specialist and mother of two, she knows precisely how a woman’s body works and can help you through any issue you’re facing no matter how strange you think it may be.